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Current and past clients include:


Web Series

Tough Love (Daytime-Emmy Nominated Web Series)

Dialogue Editor, Sound Mixer - Season 3 (7 episodes)
Dialogue Editor - Season 2, Episodes 2-7 (6 episodes)


Audiobook Editor


"Alicia has done a fantastic job editing my podcast. Once I hand off my audio file to her -- often in rough shape -- I can rest easy that she will quickly turn it into a polished final product. She has such attention to detail that I can publish her work without oversight. She has even put together complex episodes for me, piecing together bits of audio to form a compelling narrative. I highly recommend Alicia."
- Sally Hubbard, Podcast Host, www.womenkillingit.com

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“I’ve worked with other audio editors in the past, and I can truly say that Alicia is exceptional. Her editing is beautiful, she meets every deadline, and her communication style is perfect. Before hiring Alicia, I was struggling to manage my workload, often doing my own editing. Now I can focus on recording, knowing Alicia will take care of the rest. Highly recommend!”
- Jill Smith, Audiobook Narrator, www.jillsmithvoice.com

“Alicia was great to work with. She was very knowledgeable on the subject and provided great tips and feedback that I was able to make improvement on my future recordings. Exceeded my expectations and I feel like I can actually complete my project that was once just a pipe dream!”
- Brittany Axworthy, Journey Into 30 Podcast, www.journeyinto30.com

“Alicia is extremely skilled at narration editing. I narrated an audiobook and she did a fabulous job at re-pacing it and making it sound amazing! She also was able to catch all of my errors so that the author and publisher were extremely pleased with my submissions and had NO correction requests! Beyond that Alicia was keen on editing files quickly after receiving them and she was very personable! Highly recommend!”
- Lena Lidstone, Audiobook Narrator

“Alicia was a pleasure to work with! She exceeded my expectations, and worked with me on an extremely tight deadline! She not only met this deadline, but finished ahead of schedule. Her positive attitude, strong skill set and ability to go above and beyond were impressive! I definitely recommend Alicia, and look forward to working with her again!”
- Jessica Geffen, Audiobook Narrator


Hi, I'm Alicia. I'm a formally-trained audio engineer/editor with a love of spoken word and narrative. Whether your medium is a podcast, an audiobook, or a short-form video, my goal is to help you present your stories, ideas, and values in the best light with optimal sound quality and accuracy. I enjoy working with people who care deeply about their audiences and want to make a meaningful impact on the world in their own unique ways.

I have 5 years of professional experience as a full-time sound engineer. In the past, I worked as an associate sound engineer at High 5 Games, produced audiobooks in English and Spanish at DuArt Media Services, and edited dialogue for the Daytime Emmy-nominated web series Tough Love. Currently, I'm a full-time freelancer specializing in editing and post-production services for dialogue-driven content.

I hold a Bachelor of Music in Music Technology from NYU. In my free time, I enjoy writing music, practicing yoga, traveling, and indulging in dark chocolate. I live and work in Queens, NYC.



Please note, I’m at full capacity and unavailable for new editing work at this time. However, I would be happy to answer any questions or refer you to some trusted audio editors :)

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