Work Samples


Dialogue Editor and Sound Mixer - Tough Love Web Series (Daytime-Emmy Nominee)

I have worked as the Dialogue Editor since Season 2, and the Sound Mixer (post-production) since Season 3. My work involves choosing the best mic source, smoothing transitions between shots and takes, removing or reducing extraneous noises (bumps, mouth clicks, hum, hiss, buzzes), using alternate takes to improve clarity and articulation, balancing volume levels and frequency spectrum throughout the entire episode, and mixing all elements to broadcast standard levels.


Recording Engineer and Mastering Engineer - "The Stars Never Rise" - Library of Congress audiobook version

I recorded and mastered this book via DuArt for the Library of Congress's program for the blind and handicapped. My work involved recording the narrator in a professional studio and listening critically to prevent any errors in the performance including noises, misreads, mispronunciations, and awkward pacing. I then mastered it to ensure an even sound level, tame sibilance, and eliminate unnecessary low end. 


Podcast Editor, Mastering Engineer, and Transcript Editor for "100 Product Managers"

I handled the post-production for a special series of 5 podcasts. I performed detailed editing (seamlessly removed filler words, false starts, long pauses, and used my judgement to remove superfluous content), applied noise reduction to reduce hiss, matched the volume levels between the interviewer and guest, and mixed the intro and outro music along with the dialogue. In addition, I edited the transcripts, which were filled with errors, to ensure an accurate and pleasant reading experience for those who need it.