Hiring an audiobook post-production professional saves you time and ensures a high-quality product. Editing can be tedious and time-consuming and it takes an experienced professional with a specialized skill set to do it efficiently and accurately. You can then focus solely on delivering a stellar and engaging performance.



I will clean up the raw recordings so that they are free from distractions (clicks, pops, stomach noises, etc). I will also format the chapters and address any pacing issues.

I will catch any misreads, mispronunciations, etc., and prepare a detailed spreadsheet for pickups. Then I will seamlessly insert corrections into the mastered files.



I will create sonic uniformity throughout the entire performance by balancing the frequency spectrum and levels, tame any sibilance, etc. The final output will match Audible ACX specifications of -3dB peak and between -18dB and -23dB RMS, unless otherwise requested.