Podcasting is a fun way to promote your brand and share your ideas. Spending your valuable time and energy on editing and post-production - not as fun. But fear not! I'm here to help you.

Hiring a dedicated audio editor and post-production professional eases your workload, expedites your timeline, and optimizes quality so you can focus on creating amazing content. Simply send me your raw recordings and I will send back a polished and professional product.


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I'll take care of essential editing: trimming the beginning and end of your audio file, removing long/awkward pauses, and removing isolated noises.

For more detail I can listen through the entire file and seamlessly remove filler words ("uh", "um", etc), false starts, stumbles, and stutters where possible to enhance the quality and flow of the conversation. You and your guests will sound more confident.

I can also use my editorial judgement to edit the content and craft the story as a whole to keep audience engaged.


I'll mix all of your elements together, including your intro/outro, background music, and any other audio assets.

I'll apply equalization and compression to balance the frequency spectrum and sound levels, and any additional processing to polish the sound quality as best as possible. This includes taming any excess sibilance, balancing the volume between the hosts and guests, and optimizing overall loudness level to the industry standard of -16 LUFS.

I'll also convert the final file to a high-quality MP3 supported by all hosting platforms.

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NOISE REDUCTION / audio repair

I'll remove or reduce steady background noise such as hums and hisses. In many cases, I can also repair light distortion and room echo.


Are you launching a new podcast, or want to update your current intro and/or outro? I can help you solidify the voiceover and find the perfect music that suits your podcast and your goals.


Photo by wu yi on Unsplash