Work Samples - podcasts


Audio Engineer and Editor - A Women’s Thing Podcast

I recorded and edited this episode for A Women’s Thing. The recording took place at one of the guest’s apartment at her request, so I brought along my own equipment. I used my experience to minimize noise and echo, so I moved them away from the street-side window and situated them on a couch in the middle of the apartment. After making sure everyone was comfortable and hydrated, I began recording their conversation.

After the interview was done, I moved on to do the editing and post-production in my home studio. Using an auto-generated transcript and some of the host’s notes as a guide, I cut the interview down to 40 minutes from the original 1.5 hours. I cut out digressions and content that didn’t move the interview forward. Then I cleaned and processed the audio.

My role also involved helping them choose music that would be a good fit. They have a minimalist look and feel to their website and brand, so I used a sparse but interesting musical bit at the beginning and end of the episode.


Audio Editor, Transcript Editor - 100 Product Managers Podcast

I handled all of the post-production for this podcast. I performed detailed editing (seamlessly removed filler words, false starts, long pauses, and used my judgement to remove superfluous content), applied noise reduction to reduce hiss, matched the volume levels between the interviewer and guest, and mixed the intro and outro music along with the dialogue. In addition, I edited the transcript, which was filled with errors, to ensure an accurate and pleasant reading experience for those who need it.

I did all of the audio post-production for The Common Threads podcast. As with the other podcasts, I trimmed the content to stay focused on their themes of nutrition, mental health, and motivation. I chose a snippet to use as the cold open for the podcast, and cleaned and processed the audio.

I also advised the host on the beginning stages of his podcast. I gave him some intro music options to choose from, gave tips to improve his future recordings, and set up and incorporated the podcast on his Wordpress website using Blubrry and PowerPress.